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He Jianrong, Deputy Chief named teacher of Wenzhou, one of the first masters

According to the Wenzhou "famous teacher" project implementation and on the development of Wenzhou "famous teacher" award notice, February 2006, Wenzhou City ranked first "masters famous" figure 108, electrical industry, "masters famous" 12. Yaohua electric group He Jianrong comrades because of the technical department is able to solve key technical and technological operational problems, will have greater impact and contribution, with high visibility and recognition in the industry, therefore very honoured to be in Wenzhou, Wenzhou municipal party Committee and municipal government as the first "famous teacher."
He Jianrong original for Yao China Group of development engineers (now for Group Deputy President), industrial electrical engineers titles, get had Zhejiang Province technology progress award, had success development iron core two-way riveting pressure mold, completely solution electrical products in the iron core plug tablets Zhijian appeared loose led to products quality defects of problem, until now, iron core two-way riveting pressure mold in Wenzhou electrical manufacturing in the still get widely of application. Since he took charge of the company's technology, Yao hua group successfully developed more than 10 new products, made more than 400 more than the "CCC" certification. After the leadership positions, He Jianrong is still studying business knowledge, not abandoned technology, he wrote of the extended contact parts commonality of the paper because of the large practical value, by the Chinese Academy of management science as "2005 excellent engineering paper award."