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Private enterprises carrying out "eight honors and eight disgraces" the vanguard of

Yaohua electric group production of low-voltage electrical appliances, machine tool electrical control components, high and low voltage electrical equipment, instrumentation, power transmission and distribution equipment specifications for more than more than more than 200 series more than 6,000 products, is one of China's key enterprises of low voltage apparatus industry, an important part of national electric industry members, private enterprise in the practice of "eight honors and eight disgraces" pacesetter.
Yaohua is proud of the Group of service people to love the motherland, social responsibility, industrial nation, repay the society for reform, opening up and construction of Socialist harmonious society and make positive efforts. As early as in 1986, the company founder and current Chairman, he Jian-Guo immortality in a small low-voltage electrical products to be imported from abroad, for the revitalization of the national electric industry's strong sense of responsibility and mission, to join in the national low-voltage apparatus industry, founder of Yew Wah Group. "Yaohua electric, glorious China", which is the purpose of yaohua electric group was founded, the company goal.
With excellent product quality, Yao hua group term for a number of key projects and national large enterprises producing products, has for the three gorges project, the Daqing Oilfield, Sinopec, China National Petroleum, the capital airport, qinshan nuclear power plant nearly 100 companies and projects, such as providing product and technical support. Products not only meet the domestic market, but also exported to North America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Europe and other places, to contribute actively to the infrastructure of the country and foreign export.
After the company made rapid development, yaohua has poured into the State for the affection of the nation, first in his capacity as private enterprise into State-owned enterprises in the wave of reform, was successfully carried out the country's "development Midwest" strategy, the implementation proposed by the Zhejiang Provincial Government, "jump out of the development of Zhejiang, Zhejiang" requirement. Yao China Group has merger has Anhui Hefei high pressure switch factory, and Anhui Anqing transformer factory, and Anhui Guangde electrical factory, and Hunan Zhuzhou forging factory, and Hunan Pearl bearing factory, medium State-owned enterprise, is good to activate has State-owned enterprises assets, ease has local of employment pressure, sound local of industry structure, optimization local of resources configuration, and through introduced strong of capital, and advanced of equipment, and modern of management mode, and right of marketing mode, fast promoted has local of economic development, by has local Government of consistent appreciates and certainly.
Yao group take pride in advocating science hard work, implementation of the scientific Outlook on development, the pursuit of harmonious development. Back in 1996, Yao hua group first obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certification, to improve product quality and product technologies that enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. In 2005, Yueqing, Yew Wah Group is once again ahead of the most private enterprise, passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification and OHSAS18001 occupation health safety management system certification, seeking healthy, steady and sustainable development of enterprises.
Company founded in the beginning of the introduction of Germany Siemens advanced technologies and products, and on this basis to domestic reform. After hard hard study and testing, the first product by Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of technical supervision as "reached the international advanced level, to fill the gaps." Since then, Yao hua group even more determined implementation of "quality, name brand enterprise" strategy, the implementation of total quality management, is equipped with the world's advanced level of measurement and control equipment, implementation of the responsibility system of production quality, determined to make China's low-voltage electrical appliances not in quality than similar foreign products. The company has dozens of patented products, Yueqing, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province science and technology awards in consecutive years, the spark Awards, CJX1 series AC contactor modular also won the gold medal in the national patent Technology Expo.
Yaohua group solidarity and the honor of honest, caring staff, and credit management. Yew Wah Group has long set up a party branch and the trade unions, under the guidance and supervision of the party organization, the company adheres to consistent, sincere and trustworthy character, adhere to the credibility of the first, the good faith for this, it shows the Yueqing, Zhejiang, credit, credit. Under the trade union organization and mobilization, people-oriented company, care staff, establish a good atmosphere of enterprising, solidarity.
Companies pay attention to enterprise culture construction, support enterprises to strengthen the party, and the construction of trade union organizations, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees. Companies always adhere to the "people-oriented" business philosophy, concerned about the ideological and ethical quality of the staff, often organize staff to participate in various conferences and training courses, enhance the consciousness of staff caring for staff quality of life, often to solve the practical difficulties of living for employees, and actively create a warm living environment and a relaxed working environment. To this end, Yao hua won the title of Yueqing star enterprise group for nine consecutive years, the company has been rated as advanced grass-roots organizations of the party organization, leqing has won the annual title of advanced collective Trade Union of trade unions of the company.
Yao hua group to obey the proud of the hard work, the company laodongzhifu, and continuously forge ahead, work hard, play indomitable fighting spirit, forge ahead, torrent, keep business stronger, bigger, and promote the enhancement of the competitiveness of enterprises and the revitalization of the national economy; firmly establish the concept of lawful operation, taxes, and consciously abide by State laws and regulations, promoting the healthy development of non-public ownership economy.
Company upper and lower efforts bent on, relies on technology innovation and quality progress, will enterprise big do strong, continuous three years stability home China private enterprise 500 strong, in 2005, Yao China Group ranked CEEIA China electrical industrial sales income rankings subsection 23 bit, get has national mechanical machine tool Industrial Association issued of "national mechanical machine industrial integrated benefits top ten enterprise" title, continues to stability home "China electrical of are"--Liu town 30 strong enterprise and Liu town top ten export earned enterprise. In the city of Wenzhou City in February 2006 for the first time from the top, yaohua electric group co in 39th place, ranked as the top hundred enterprises in the electrical industry in Wenzhou City. The company has always been adhering to the law, the tax credit idea, many years as credit AAA level enterprise, contracts and keeping promises units and local tax top corporate tax. In 2005, also won the title of Yueqing city honest enterprise.
At present, Yew Wah Group has gradually built the enterprise shares, distribution network, production modernization, internationalization modern enterprise mechanism, developed into a modern enterprise group of the annual output value of more than 2.5 billion yuan for its advocacy of "glorious China" business objectives have laid a strong foundation. I believe that in the near future, China's machinery and electronics enterprises can play a more important role in the world economic arena, Yew Wah will continue to practice the "eight honors and eight disgraces", actively participate in international competition and expand domestic and foreign markets, for the country's prosperity and development of the national industry to make greater contributions.