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Automatic Transfer Switch

Automatic Transfer Switch; diesel genset ATS

Model:  YHQ1

Current: 160~400A

Pole: 2P, 3P, 4P

integral type or split type is available

YHQ1 is suitable for transferring between two circuits of power supply (MAIN power supply, EMERGENCY power supply) in AC 50Hz, rated working voltage to 400V and rating current up to 10~3200 A,

Connection type :Utility - Utility or Utility- Generator.


1. It has reliable and safe interlock function
2. It has reliable connection and disconnection secondary circuit function, the switch main body has self-locking function
3. The switch has safe dielectric isolation
4. The double power auto transfer switch with circuit breaker can carry out  various manual operation and auto operation function
5. After operating neutral pole N transfer function, it may avoid causing instantaneous abnormal voltage during switchover to guarantee       the device security
6. Each kind of transfer is operated by adopting DC instantaneous excitation type
7. The main body conforms to the isolator requirement, the integration of machinery


can equipped with B type controller